Useful Links
 Here are some websites that provide helpful tools and fun resources.
 Subject  Website  Description
 Multiplication Algorithm Multiplication Algorithm Game  
Typing  Keyboard Challenge  Do you have the keys on the computer keyboard memorized?  
Typing  Free Touch Typing Program  Typing program that appeals to older students 6-12th (adults too) 
Typing  Dance Mat Typing  Fun way to learn the keys and proper form.  
Typing  Free Typing Lessons and Games  Free typing lessons and games. The ads along the sides can be distracting though.  
Typing  Computer Technology  Ties in with Thomson curriculum but works well tog ive a brief review of some computer basics. 
Science  Cells Alive 
 Interactive Plant and Animal Cells
Science  Physics Classroom  Interactive labs, homework help, worksheets, and everything physics 
Science  Chemistry Help  Useful equations and theories for chemistry. 
Science  Froggy  Virtual frog dissection kit.... Grossly Cool! 
Science  Bone Zone  Anatomy practice: Learn about and identify the bones of the human body.  
Science  Internet Public Library   Science experiment ideas and help as well as help on countless other topics outside the science realm 
10 cat tracks for every 100 questions you get correct.
Math  Problems of the Month  High Cognitive Level Math problems 
Math  khan Academy  Videos that help to explain math subjects, ranging from the basics of addition to compley calculus.  
Math  Jeopardy Fractions  Learn how to add and subtract fractions by playing this jeopardy game (Grades 3-8)  
Math  Math Play Ground  Games to test your math skills (grade 3-8) 
Math  Interactive multiplication games   Multiplication Video Games for Kids (and tips and resources for parents and teachers) 
Math  Computing Technology for Math Excellence   Links to tons of online math manipulatives.  
Math  Multiplication Tables  Creating multiplication tables: great practice for memorizing facts. 
Math  Arcademic Skill Builders  Educational Games for students to polish math and language skills.  
Math  Discovery Education: Math  esources to help students master the basics of mathematics of numbers and number operations. Videos and tutorials explain basic operations and help with the mastery of math skills. 
Math  Math Facts  Practice your math facts: pick addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication and see if you can beat the clock. 
Language Arts  PBS Kids: Reading Games  Awesome reading games for kids grades pre-k to 3rd 
Language Arts  Spelling City  Interactive games to learn your spelling words  
Language Arts  Chomp Chomp: Words Feast  Definitions and examples of grammar terms 
Language Arts  Poetry  Help with different poetry styles (Grades 3-8) 
Homework Help  Multnomah County Library Homework help  Project and research resources galore.  
Homework Help  American Library Association  A collection of great sites for kids from the American Library Association  
Homework Help  Homework Help  Homework help - subscription service 
Homework Help  Kids Click Projects and Reports  Web searches for reports/projects on over 600 topics 
Homework Help  Tutor  Live homework help - subscription service 
Homework Help  Teacher Tube  Video Segments like YouTube but this one is appropriate for all grade levels.  
History and Geography  Mega-Maps  Various printable maps of different geographical regions throughout the United States.  
History and Geography  Mega Maps!  The world is at your finger tips with these free-printable maps. 
History and Geography  50 States  Information on all 50 states and their capitals  
History and Geography  History Channel Classroom  Lesson Plans, Video Clips, Interactive Exhibits, Games, Study Guides, and More!