Homework and Weekly Due Dates

5th grade students will have homework Monday-Thursday and may occasionally need the weekend for unfinished items or if they need to make something up. 


20 minutes of Reading (See Planner)
 20 minutes of Math Homework 
10 minutes of Writing
5-10 minutes of occasional studying (varies: spelling, states,  review for tests)

Math Homework

Your student has a math packet full of materials designed to help him or her meet their proficiencies. During class, we work on “Sprints” and “Problem Sets”. For independent practice your child will complete the “homework” pages at home every week day. The packet as a whole will then be used as a study guide for their assessment and then turned in at the end of that unit. I know that there may be some days (with busy schedules and conflicts) that students may not be able to complete their homework nightly, but students should be prioritizing and making up the work before the packet is due. I will also give students opportunities to get extra help independently and/or with staff before or after school, or during our acceleration period.  If they are overburdened, they are leaving their work until the last minute, or they are not using their time wisely at school. Please NEVER spend more than an hour an evening on homework; contact me if that is the case.

Math Support: 

ixl.com IXL is great for additional practice and skill building. 
IXL Tasks to focus on: September: A1 , A2, C3, C4, I2, A12 I also suggest that students go back to the "4th Grade" tab and try to master the "Multiplication" and "Division" sections.

http://homeworkhelp5.com/ This has links specific to the day's assignment. You can look up specific examples of the task or watch a video of the skill in action.  


Homework Help 5 Lesson

Still Stuck? 
Tell Ms. Shore; request to go to acceleration in her room or arrange to come after/before school.