Ms. Shore - 5th Grade

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Please use this to remind you about upcoming activities, weekly due dates, and in getting you connected to other great resources.  

I am very excited about this school year. This is my eighth year of teaching at Yamhill Carlton School District and my fourth year at 5th grade. My favorite subject (and perhaps my favorite topic in general) is Math!

I get to teach math to all the 5th grade students here at YCIS. 
Ms. Amuzu teaches Science to all 5th graders.
Ms. Foley teaches Writing to all 5th graders. 
 To my homeroom students, I also teach Reading and the remaining subjects (Science, Health, Social Studies). 

For all of my subjects, I use a proficiency model where students have opportunities to show their skills and progress. Students are given scores based on assessments and activities where they show their learning evidence. I also report of student's Career Related Learning (CRLS) such as responsibility shown through homework. 

This means that in ALL things, the priority is the LEARNING not the completion. I am very open to alternative learning projects and experiences. We are working together toward our learning goals! 

The best way to reach me (Ms. Shore) is via email: . I cannot answer the phone (503-852-6956) during our classroom time; so, call the office with emergencies.