Writing (All Three Homerooms)

5th Writing

Mr. Mike Buehler



Room 21

Class Website: http://ycsdim.ss3.sharpschool.com/teacher_pages/mr__buehler

From Mr. Buehler

Welcome to fifth grade at YCIS.  I, Mr. Buehler, will be your writing teacher this year.  This class will be a focused look at the skill of writing in all content areas and strengthening you in your narrative, informational, and persuasive writing.  This is my eleventh year of teaching. I feel extremely lucky to be your teacher and to get to assist you with your transition to the Intermediate School.

Course Description

Yamhill-Carlton Intermediate School believes in excellence from all students and having each and every student achieve as much growth as possible.  Students will acquire skills that will help them to become better writers, thinkers and speakers through a variety of activities and assignments that will encourage students to think beyond the obvious and basic in order to expand their personal abilities.  

The year will be broken up into four basic units:

  1. Paragraph Writing and Basic Speeches

  2. Narrative Writing

  3. Informational Writing

  4. Opinion Writing and Advanced Speeches

Students will have formative and summative assessments that will combine together to form their proficiency grade.  For their final grade, 80% of their grade will come from proficiency assessments (Academic Mastery) and 20% will be based on behavior (Career Related Learning).

DAILY Required Materials for class:

  • Blue or Black Ink Pens

  • Two Sharpened Pencils

  • Planner

  • Notebook Paper

  • Three Ring Binder

    • All writing notes should be in student's binder.

Typing, Google Accounts, & Chromebooks

All students will be typing their final assessments and many of their assignments throughout the year.  We are fortunate to have access to google accounts and a classroom set of google chromebooks.  This allows students to work at their desks and with groups in the classroom, rather than in a computer lab.

Along with this letter, there is an attached document that has the Chromebook usage permission form.  We will be using chromebooks often throughout the year, so it is important for students to have this filled out; or they will not be able to use chromebooks.  Students who cannot use chromebooks will have to hand write all final papers.

Tracking Student Progress

For fifth graders, it is important for parents to be an active part of their student’s learning.  Some ways that parents can keep tabs of their students work are:

  • Daily planner check

    • Students planners will contain information about what they did for the day, what work they need to complete and when upcoming due dates are.

  • Website

    • On my school website, you will be able to see what students are working on, when due dates are, as well as rubrics and other resources to assist with students’ work.

  • Jumprope portal

    • In fifth grade, students’ progress will be tracked using a program called Jumprope.  This allows parents to track student’s progress towards proficiency, if they are missing assignments, and to communicate with teachers.

    • More information about Jumprope will be coming out soon.  

Extra Help

If students need extra help with their writing, they can always meet with me before school or after school.  They do need to check in with me first, as I do have meetings and other duties at times.  

Students also have the ability to go to lunch academy in the library for a work time or stay after school on Wednesdays from 1:40-3:00.

Talking with Mr. Buehler

If at any time you need to get ahold with me, please feel free to call or email.  I do not answer phone calls or emails throughout the school day, but will get back to you within 24 school hours.  Communication is imperative to student success, so please do not hesitate in contacting me.

I am looking forward to an exciting year and getting to know each and every one of the newest group of wildcats.

Mr. Buehler

5th Grade Teacher