Performance Tasks

The Yamhill Carlton Intermediate School is dedicated to promoting deep thinking. An essential part of that process is measuring and reporting student progress and proficiency with a variety of assessment modes- an essential one being performance tasks. 

"Performance tasks measure students' deeper mastery of content and the skills, in order to engage and prepare a diverse community of students for college, career, and civic life." -Quality Performance Assessments form the Center for Collaborative Education

The Yamhill Carlton Intermediate School was awarded a grant from the ODE to participate as a Performance Assessment Demonstration Site (PADS Project). The main goals of this project were to produce deeper learning for students, increase student interest and enthusiasm, and increase pedagogical preparedness of teachers to integrate the performance assessment with instruction.

Through the resources this grant has provided, teachers have researched what makes a quality task, selected quality tasks, and incorporated them into their classrooms during the first phase. In the second phase of this project, the staff  created our own tasks that would best engage and meet the needs of our unique Yamhill Carlton students. Teachers then validated the written tasks, giving feedback and suggestions to the authors.