IXL Math

At YCIS we use IXL math!  Students can sign in from home to be able to work on their math skills at grade level standard.  If your child does not have their login information, please contact your child's math teacher for more information.

Use the link below to see what IXL.com is all about!


The following teachers teach math at YCIS:
5th Grade:
Ms. Amuzu- amuzun@ycschools.org
Ms. MacFarlane- macfarlanem@ycschools.org
Ms. Shore- shorea@ycschools.org

6th Grade
Mrs. Bales- balesk@ycschools.org
Mr. Buehler- buehlerm@ycschools.org
Mrs. Bagley- bagleyb@ycschools.org

7th and 8th Grades:
Ms. Krutzik- krutzike@ycschools.org
Mr. Tollefson- tollefsonc@ycschools.org
Mr. Stahl- stalhr@ycschools.org